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Barbara Konish


Barbara Konish is the Executive Director of New Moon, and a highly-reputed psychic medium, Reiki master-teacher, non-denominational ordained minister and spiritual counselor. She offers both in-person and long-distance reading and healing sessions and has worked with people worldwide. Click “Learn More” to visit her personal business page.


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New Moon Expo


New Moon’s Psychic Festival & Holistic Healing Expo will be held again at a future date in a location to be announced.   Many booths will be featured, including psychics, mediums, aromatherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, reiki practitioners, other holistic healers, musicians, authors, artists, and wellness-minded retailers.


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"Another New Moon Expo is complete and has surpassed last years excellence!! Thank you for the great numbers of honored supporters of mind body, spirit teachings and services who joined our precious family and loving friends. You came to visit, support and partake in the fantastic energy and were fulfilled. We give all we have to you. THE NEW MOON EXPO IS REAL WHEN YOU COME THROUGH THE DOOR! My heart is overflowing with love....

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