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New Moon

New Moon is the culmination of dreams, growth, beliefs and fearless faith. In the late 1980’s, Barbara Konish, Founder of New Moon, received the message, “You are to work on the inside, not the outside.” Thus started her quest to assist those on the journey of self-discovery, well-being, empowerment, and harmony. What started as a once-a-year event (New Moon Expo) has blossomed into something that encompasses total mind, body & spirit integration. Barbara’s vision has been to reach, to teach, and to love the greatest number of people possible, in ways that harmonize with their natural rhythms and inclinations. All are welcome here. Throughout this site, you will find tools and resources that will help you discover your truest self. New Moon is a sacred sanctuary where you are invited to remember your innate beauty and the glorious wisdom, which have always been available to you. You are gently encouraged to learn and speak the language of your heart, and employ the laws of the Universe to co-create the life you desire.

Our Vision & Mission

New Moon honors all cycles, wisdoms, and life forms, and is a gathering together of seekers who come together joyfully for the greatest expression of love imaginable.


Our mission is to teach, to reach, and to love.


Together we celebrate who and what we are, and welcome all that lies ahead.

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