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2017 Testimonials


"I've been going to these New Moon events for many years and I'm always overwhelmed with joy by the readers, vendors and lecture speakers. It is always such a top notch event and I thank you, Sweet Barbara for giving so much of yourself to all of us who follow you. With much love and healing to you and your family, always."

Janet (Visitor)

"I just wanted to thank you for hosting the fair last weekend.   You two do an amazing job organizing a great group of people. Please keep me on the list for next year."

Suzanne (Vendor)

"Love to you both and to all who help create this amazing healing event."

Deanna (Vendor)

"That looks so cool .. wish we had that by us!!"

Amanda (FB Friend)

"People are searching more than ever to find peace and encouragement. You were there!"

Brenda (FB Friend)

​"This was a wonderful event! I will mark my calendar for next year. I had a wonderful reading by Sylvia Bullard-Rosado!"

Sharon (Visitor)

"Had a wonderful time this year. It was a great success.  Everyone told me they did well and wonted to come back."

Cookie Stringfellow (New Moon Expo Volunteer Coordinator)

"Thanks to everyone who made it a wonderful experience. I appreciate you all and look forward to next years expo already. Love honor and appreciation to all those Who were able to share this together."

Denise (Reader)

"We got wiped out after a storm of customers!! So grateful our orgones are spreading into new home, spaces and places!!"

"THANK YOU for embracing us so warmly into your family! We are so grateful for all you do!"

Andrea (Vendor)

2016 Testimonials


"Another New Moon Expo is complete and has surpassed last years excellence!! Thank you for the great numbers of honored supporters of mind body, spirit teachings and services who joined our precious family and loving friends. You came to visit, support and partake in the fantastic energy and were fulfilled. We give all we have to you. THE NEW MOON EXPO IS REAL WHEN YOU COME THROUGH THE DOOR! My heart is overflowing with love. Whoot Hoo to our loyal volunteers and to Vicki Preston and Cookie Stringfellow the core team...I offer my loving, humble gratitude.  The best is yet to come."

Barbara Konish, Executive Director of New Moon Expo


"Today is the day! All the work is done and it feels like Christmas walking into the event to set up. I am so excited! See you there!"

Rev. Denise McKee


"Wow what an amazing weekend great energry, great turn out, Thank you New Moon Expo for allowing me to join your event! I can't wait until next one. Thank you to all the volunteers and big hugs to Vicki and Barbara!​"

Gregg Soucie


“Gratitude to all who embrace this joyful vision of sharing light. My love to all.” 

Barbara Konish, Executive Director of New Moon Expo


“Karen and I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful opportunities you gave us to promote Lightways and share our store items. It was an absolutely wonderful weekend all the way around. YOU ladies and your awesome team did a fantastic job. Thanks again, here’s to New Moon 2014!

Karen and Judy from Lightways 


“I just wanted to say THANK YOU for such a lovely weekend!  I don’t have any prior experience in providing any services at the show, but I truly enjoyed this past weekend experience! I loved being there! The venue was lovely and I was able to meet really great people! What a great way to begin launching my business. Thank you again…I really like the new venue. Big hugs…”  

Love & Light All Ways, Lourdes


“Thank you for having the crystal skull Sha Ra Na at New Moon!! What a truly wonderful experience it was to sit with this skull and receive it’s healing.”  

Vicki Snyder


“I wanted to thank you for the amazing opportunity of reading at the fair last weekend. It changed my life for the better and I am so grateful.  I hope to participate next year!”  

With gratitude, Rachel Lamb


“We had a wonderful day there today! Thank you!! <3”  

Natalie (visitor)


“Good to see you! Congrats on putting together a wonderful event! Namaste!”  

Lynn (visitor)


“I just want to commend you on the great job you did putting together the holistic healing expo. I was very impressed by the entire experience, and it greatly exceeded my expectations. My friend and I had a fantastic time and came away feeling refreshed and positive.  We are still talking today about how much we enjoyed it and are looking forward to next year’s event!  

Sheryl (visitor)


“I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team for the high quality event last weekend.  I know several of my regular customers were thrilled to find us so close to home for the weekend, and as a vendor, I enjoyed it immensely.  Load in/out was very easy, my neighbors were great. Your team was organized and helpful and the attendees were all in a great mood.  We are looking forward to attending again next year (even coming back into town to do it – as we are moving out of state in the upcoming months).”  

Becky from Locust Groves


“Thank you so much for sharing the New Moon Experience with us. We had a wonderful time, great business venture and met new profound people.” 

Much love, Judy Andrew & Karen Benson from Lightways


“I was honored to participate in the New Moon Psychic Festival and Holistic Healing Expo. You and your team created an atmosphere of exceptional professionalism and organization. I commend you for that. Within the gathering was a vibrational frequency of love, joy, support and friendship, enhancing the well being of all.” 

Namaste’ Denise McKee


“So nice to walk into a place where all the energy is positive! Having been through a very trying period this year, it was healing just to go and absorb the good vibrations this past weekend. Nya’weh to all who were there contributing to this experience!” 

Mark (visitor)


“It was such a wonderful experience. Barbara and New Moon brought together through some extremely hard work an energy of love so powerful. Like the flute music by Michael Searching Bear that could be heard throughout the dome so could you feel the love energy. The dome was such a wonderful energy transmitter, no wonder it is a circle. I was honored to be part of such a wonderful event. Well done Barbara and Rochester!!!!” 

Anthony Barr from Sacred Sevens Mother Earth Healing Ceremonies


“Such a fabulous weekend. I was lucky enough to be able to come both days and it was one of the best experiences of my life. The feeling of love, enpowerment and togetherness was wonderfully overwellming. Thank you.” 

Karen (visitor)


“I came in from the 1000 Islands last year and loved Barbara…then to figure out that we went to school together (different years). that was awesome and so was she…I am driving in from the 1000 Islands again on Sat and bringing a friend. Trying to be the first and second to sign up for Barbara’s Reading…Can’t wait!.” 

Tina (visitor)

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