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Our Team

Barbara Konish, Executive Director

Barbara Konish has more than 35 years of management and business development experience. For ten years, she served as Executive Director of Sales for an international cosmetic company, where she was among the top recruiters in the company. In the late 1980’s, Barbara left the corporate world and became an entrepreneur, starting one of the first metaphysical shops in Rochester, NY. She began promoting events the following year. It was also during that time in which she established her now thriving private practice. In 2002, Barbara founded New Moon. What began as a small metaphysical event has since grown into an altruistic organization dedicated to helping people around the world who are on the path of self-discovery.

  • Strengths: Visionary, intuitive, inspirational, big-picture thinker, honorable, respectful, compassionate, joyful, funny, passionate, and has an infectious laugh.

  • Favorite Thing About New Moon: Its life force and dynamic energy that naturally bring together individuals creating a community that continues to evolve in its love, joy and service.

Vicki Preston, Financial Director

Vicki Preston has more than 30 years of experience serving in both financial and project management roles in the automotive industry, and as an accounting manager for a local manufacturing firm. She is a Master Reiki practitioner, trained through Barbara, and started with New Moon Expo haivng a reflexology booth incorporating Reiki.  She is currently most active as a health and wellness coach focusing on client gut health using food, exercise and supplementation as a part of developing a healthy lifestyle.  She is currently accepting new clients and welcomes others to her team to learn to do the same.


On behalf of New Moon, Vicki is in charge of the financial health of the organization, oversees contracting for New Moon's events exhibitors, developed and maintains the website, and coordinates event advertising.

  • Strengths: Financial management and business operations expertise, highly organized, good at prioritizing and meeting deadlines, strategic thinker, enjoys sharing love & laughter with others, and is a compassionate healer.

  • Favorite Thing About New Moon: Working with Barbara Konish and other incredible people on a regular basis, being part of a healing organization whose mission is to help raise the vibration of the world, and being able to use the skills she’s acquired throughout her lifetime to assist in this effort.

Cookie Stringfellow, Event Logistics Coordinator

Cookie Stringfellow is an entrepreneur and master networker who quite possibly knows everyone in the Greater Rochester Area (and at this point, well beyond, thanks to the Internet!). On behalf of the New Moon Expo, Cookie puts her networking expertise to work and assists with business development efforts. She is also responsible for coordinating many of the finer details of the show, ensuring its success.

  • Strengths: Outgoing, curious, enterprising, well-connected, interesting, organized, fun to be around, and a great story teller.

  • Favorite Thing About New Moon: The opportunity to network within a growing spiritual community she holds so dear to her heart, and of course, working with, "...the best Advisory Board in the whole wide world! Thanks to Barbara and Vicki."

George Corbett, Events Manager


George Corbett is a career machinist with more than 25 years of experience, including serving in various supervisory and lead-man roles. He is currently a building mechanic & locksmith for a local school district, not to mention an all-around great guy. On behalf of New Moon, George serves as Events Manager, ensuring that all of New Moon’s productions are executed seamlessly, and to the high standards exhibitors have come to expect.

  • Strengths: Dependable, tenacious, helpful, focused, patient, intelligent, practical, compassionate, great smile, and fun to be around.

  • Favorite Thing About New Moon: Executive Director, Barbara Konish

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